Keenan Zavorski
Custom Playmats

Custom Playmats


About Me

17 years old and working in Photoshop, Illustrator, and now InDesign for the past few years. I plan to major in Graphic Design and minor in Advertising. That's the basics of the "about me". Now on the site I have "custom playmats". They print out on 24"x14" mouse pad material. They are noncommercial and meant for gaming purposes only.

Contacting Me

Email me at the below address:

Title the email:
"Custom Playmat"

Depending on if you want a request or a design seen here.

Custom Mat Rates

Printing Costs:
+$32 Outsourced to a printer.

Base Rates:
$10 Preexisting design.
$13 Custom request to your liking.

Please paypal only for convenience.
Paypal account is under a different email.
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